Welcome Rising Star Martial Arts 2024 Families!

Saturday 7/13/24 10:00-11:00am (Weapons Class Students Only)

Saturday 7/13/24 12:30-1:30pm (All Other Students)

Pre-Order and sign up for a Time Slot below.

What Is The Warrior Collection?

The Warrior Collection is an exclusive series only found at REM of action designs made for martial artists.

Click on all the galleries below for design, pose, and color ideas.

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How Does Pre-Order work?

This is an Online Pre-Order Only photography event.

Photos must be pre-ordered online before your design will be completed.

(Of course if your are not blown away by the image you can cancel/refund)


STEP 1: Selecting your Packages

  • Every athlete or family will need to pre-order their photo packages online through this page.
  • Each athlete can order 1 package with 1 design or multiple packages to get more designs.
  • An Add-On photo can be for another athlete, new pose, and/or new design.
  • You can have more than one athlete in your photo. So siblings, or parent/kid photos are ok.
  • Shipping Fees and Sales Tax may apply.


STEP 2: Selecting your shoot times

  • Visit your school Signup Genius Page to select your individual shoot time.
  • Each athlete needs to sign up for a 5 min slot.
  • Things can get tight so we understand that you may need to squeeze in a family on 1 slot. But please try to select multiple slots to help with the flow of the photo shoot.


STEP 3: Look your best for your photo shoot

  • You will select your design and color at the time of your photoshoot.
  • We'll take your photo and you'll have the opportunity to choose your favorite pose at that time.
  • If your instructor has approved weapons, we will have "Ultimate Weapons" available for you to use.


STEP 4: Post Editing and Image Approval

  • Allow us up to 3 weeks to edit your design.
  • When your design is complete you will receive an approval email.
  • **This is the time to request any changes to your image.
  • **We can not make changes to your design after you approve your order.
  • Once you approve your order, we will review it and send it to print.
  • Photos are shipped directly to the address on your pre-order.




Do You Want The Pro Athlete Look?

The exclusive Pro-Athlete Series: GRAY is a one-on-one photo shoot with you. Hit the streets for some unique one of a kind photos. Here's the catch... All the photos are classic black and white to give you that dramatic look. You'll also receive your very own exclusive signature logo featured on each of your photos.

Click on Kira Jones' image to see all our Pro Athletes

We Can Produce Your Athlete Demo Reel.

Watch Alex Mancilla's Athlete Promo filmed at South Padre Island, Tx.
Alex Mancillas | Team Paul Mitchell | S. Padre Island TX | 2022

Email us for details to set up your exclusive pro shoot. [email protected]