Welcome Scrap for the Strap 2023 Families!

Visit the REM Photo Booth at the Event on January 7th.


What Is Champion Collection?

The Champion Collection is an exclusive series only found at REM of action designs made for all athletes.

Click on all the flyer below to visit the Photo Gallery

How Does Ordering Work?

Families can Pre-Order here or Order Online the day of the event.


STEP 1: Selecting your Packages

  • Every athlete or family will need to order their photo packages online through this page.
  • Each athlete can order 1 package with 1 design or multiple packages to get more designs.
  • You can have more than one athlete in your photo. So siblings, or parent/kid photos are ok.
  • Shipping Fees and Sales Tax may apply.


STEP 2: Post Editing and Image Approval

  • Allow us 2-3 weeks to edit your design.
  • When your design is complete you will receive an approval email.
  • **This is the time to request any changes to your image.
  • **We can not make changes to your design after you approve your order.
  • Once you approve your order, we will review it and send it to print.
  • Photos are shipped directly to the address on your order.